The Game Changers

Quite a few of you have been asking for my humble opinion on the new Netflix documentary “The Game Changers”.

Well I have pieced together a few things and used a couple of extracts from a world renowned nutrition expert that has been passed onto me, so here you go.

But before I dive straight into the facts…let me “plant” (lol, you see what I did there”) a couple of things in front of you, and you can make your own opinion.

  1. In 2017, Global ingredients company Ingredion has entered into a joint partnership with Verdient Foods Inc., owned by Oscar-winning film director James Cameron and his wife, environmental advocate and entrepreneur Suzy Amis Cameron.
  2. Ingredion makes starches, flours, and sweeteners out of grains, fruits, and vegetables. It will invest $140 million to expand into a range of plant-based proteins.
  3. The funding will go toward various projects including the support of the Camerons’ manufacturing facility in Saskatchewan, Canada, and Ingredion’s Nebraska-based factory. The collaboration allows for the production of pea protein isolates and pulse-based flours in the coming year.
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger is literally in the film for about 8 seconds, and has lived majority of his life consuming at least 3 chickens, a cow and probably a baby hippo everyday to be the size he was!

So now that you know a little behind the scenes, let dive straight in!

I’m a strong believer in consuming a diet that is very high in healthy, wholefood plant sources, ALONGSIDE a variety of quality, animal derived proteins. We are omnivores – we need BOTH. Sadly though, this pro-veganism film is full of questionable, misleading or non-factual claims/statements which unfortunately rob it of its credibility. Here are just a few, I and a world renowned nutrition expert spotted:

  • Any athlete or strongman that increases their weight by 25kgs and says his body composition didn’t change much , did NOT do it by eating pea protein and beetroot.
    *cough *cough PED’S!
  • Saying that Connor McGregor got beaten up by Nate Diaz because he ate steak and Diaz ate a a plant-based diet is absolute ludicrous. There are so many reasons why Connor lost that fight! Fitness, fatigue, too drastic weight cut, Ego, Nate could take a punch better, bad technique got him tapping!
  • I can PROMISE you that drinking beetroot juice before training WILL NOT enable you to bench press 19% more weight as the film claims! So you’re telling me that if your usual max is 100kgs, simply drink some beet juice and you’ll instantly be able to bench almost 120kgs – just like that!
  • Dr. James Loomis says that American football players wrongly eat meat because “they think it provides energy but in fact it’s carbs that provide energy”? I’ll bet you anything that those players are 100% aware that meat provides them with protein which builds and repairs muscle, and THAT is why they consume it. Not “for energy”!
  • The film claims that “Plant eaters get 70% MORE protein than what they actually need from their diets, whilst meat eaters get just 50% of their protein from meat and the other 50% comes from plants”. Ehhh??? Sorry, but that’s just utter BS!
  • A peanut butter sandwich DOES NOT contain as much protein (typically 11g) as 3 ounces of beef (22g) or 3 large eggs (18g) as the film claims. The only way you could achieve that is by absolutely piling on the peanut butter, along with all the added fat it brings with it!
  • Whilst endothelial function is only one measure of athletic performance, even if we do focus on it for a moment as this film does – when has the omnivore camp EVER said that you should consume large amounts of meat prior to participating in a sports event to enhance performance??? I’ve never heard of this, so why “prove” it to have an adverse effect on blood flow when no one was actually advocating this?
  • Of course, ultramarathoner Scott Jurek thrives on a plant-based diet! He needs tons of carbs (not meat!) for energy, and he holds very little muscle size in order to keep himself light and lean, so requires much less protein in his diet than carbs.
  • The films makers can’t use a damn burger as their study meal on the inflammatory effect of meat on the gut microbiome – we all know that a burger is full of crap!
    At least use a nice cut of lean, grass-fed beef or some nutritious wild Alaskan salmon!
    Not a burger… (FYI – the actual burger roll alone will be way more inflammatory than
    the beef burger itself!)
  • Yup, we all know that antioxidants come predominantly from plants and not from meat. That’s why we eat plants. That’s not a reason not to eat meat though. It’s a reason to eat both. They each provide different nutrients.
  • Anyone whose previous record going flat out on the battle ropes was 8 minutes until failure, and then suddenly they can do 60 minutes until failure after switching to a plant based diet, did not push themselves very hard for those 60 minutes! (Or the original 8 minutes for that matter)
  • The film repeatedly positions the “you should only eat plants” camp, against the “you should only eat meat” camp. I have to be honest – I don’t know a SINGLE PERSON who believes you should ONLY eat meat, so what’s the point of this approach??? The “carnivore diet” movement is TINY. Most meat eaters (like 99%) believe you should eat both plants and meat.
  • It’s untrue that the brain relies solely/predominantly on glucose from carbs obtained through plants for its energy. Whilst it can and does use glucose from carbs, we know that the brain also runs very nicely on animal-protein derived glucose too – it thrives in fact! 🧠👌🏼


Overall, I enjoyed the film, as it was obviously done well and had a few interesting points.

I won’t lie and tell you that I am not curious to try a week or even a month and see for myself.

I have been training and eating long enough that I am sure I will feel the difference and be able to say whether or not it worked.

I just feel as Hollywood does, it tends to exaggerate the truth and also only ensure we hear their side of the stories. I felt it was completely biased from the get go against meat eaters.

Ironic then that their marketing slogan is “Fueled By The Truth”. That’s not actually true…. 🤔