Jared Parsons

As a youngster I loved playing sport, rugby, cricket, swimming and athletics. I struggled to gain size and knew that the pursuit of muscle mass for function and aesthetic would become part of my life. After numerous injuries ended my time on the rugby field I turned to bodybuilding and so the journey to discover nutrition and supplements had began. I love training and competing in strength and bodybuilding shows. I have dabbled in boxing, wrestling and MMA. I love taking on new challenges and aim to use my body fully while I can. Through all the years I have been an avid supplement user and the next evolution in that journey was always going to bring me full circle to creating my own brand. Through absolute chance I met my partner and co-founder Jono, together we are looking to make waves in the industry through innovation and understanding what our customers want.

Jonathon Brown

Gentle and lovable, always enjoy family as I believe family is everything. In the past I suffered from a poor self-image and always removed myself from crowds. I battled to gain muscle mass throughout my life. At the age of 16 I walked into my very first gym and realised that training hard was my passion. Since then I have always been fully dedicated to the health and fitness industry and train on a daily basis which transformed my entire appearance mentally and physically. I went on to do several transformation challenges winning them all and have never looked back since.

After using supplements throughout my life and understanding each one individually I found that many supplement companies were ripping the general public off in regards to ingredients dosages and misinforming. My idea was always to offer a full supplement package with all that is needed for the average gym enthusiast or the advanced gym enthusiast and after teaming up with Jared, this is when Broly Labs was developed.

Devan Dippenaar

After retiring from professional rugby, I followed my passion for weight training and started working in the fitness industry, fast forward 13 years and over 10000 hours of personal training work later and my desire to help and educate is higher than ever. I have been fortunate enough to compete and win numerous bodybuilding shows, in which I have learned what supplementation is required to achieve your best physique. This is why I became a qualified nutrition expert and have put that knowledge and experience into helping design what I believe is cutting edge supplementation.